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What is the Giving Circle?

The Gifted Hands Giving Circle is a group of donors that have committed to donate to Gifted Hands at a specific dollar amount for three consecutive years. For instance, if you pledge the Paint level at $250 annually, you will be donating a total of $750 at the end of three years.

Much like an endowment, your Giving Circle participation will give our nonprofit organization a funding basis to plan for future years. This commitment of giving allows Gifted Hands to plan for growth and create a truly sustainable organization. 

We invite you to become an inaugural member of our Giving Circle. Not only will you be building the future of Gifted Hands, as a member of the Giving Circle you will be invited to attend Gifted Hands events, and recognized on the Gifted Hands website, eNewsletter, and publicly at our events.

How it Works
Once you determine which level you'd like to join, we will include your "pledge" in our annual planning. You decide if you would prefer to contribute your pledge to Gifted Hands on a monthly or quarterly basis, or as a one-time payment option. We will work with you to set this up in a way that is effortless for you. Adjustments can be made at any time.
Level & Annual Pledge
Studio:   $5,000+
Canvas:  $2,000
Frame:   $1,000
Jewel:    $500
Paint:     $250
A Special Thanks to Our 
Giving Circle Members
Frame: $1,000-1,999
Arthur Bahr
The Beaty Family
Jim and Dustee Hullinger
Sam and Arlene Mayhugh
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Donate Online
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Gifted Hands New York City
Gifted Hands  430 East 66th Street, #B, New York, NY 10065   info@giftedhandsnyc.org
Giving Circle
Canvas: $2,000-4,999
Jewel: $500-999
Dan and Judy Fallon
Peter and Dorothy Hung
Margy Meredith and Blanche Gressett
Paul and Tamara Moore
Gary and Vickie Morsch
Paint: $250-499
Robert and Jill Munoz
Bill Sattan