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Beauty Binge Highlights
“The more things change, 
the more they stay the same.” 
I’m not sure where this expression came from but it’s applicable in so many areas. It’s so true for Gifted Hands. 

“The more things change . . . . “ 

We’re always welcoming new volunteers. They bring new energy, exciting ideas, and a fresh outlook on what we do. A good example is Almara, a former designer with a major design firm. Almira has brought new possibilities to our students in their designs and their outlook in both jewelry making and other artistic endeavors. She has embraced so many of our students with a newfound love and compassion.  

New programs have helped us expand our horizons to serve others. One of those, an outreach at the Bowery Mission, has opened new ministry opportunities with homeless women, many of whom are broken, facing trauma, and have lost hope for the future. 

We always thank God for the new people whose lives are being changed as part of Gifted Hand’s outreach. That is the heart of our mission. Each new encounter, every conversation, all our activities are based on offering a message of hope and transformation through the power of God’s love.  

“. . . . the more they stay the same.” 

Yes, new volunteers bring new energy and exciting ideas. However, we are thankful for those who have served so faithfully for many years. Bill Sattan, a board member of Gifted Hands, has been serving as the director of our senior services at the Woodstock Hotel for over 20 years! Bill represents those individuals who have given of their time and resources and represent the foundation of who we are. 

Programs come and go as agencies we partner with offer opportunities for continued outreach. Even so, we honor those locations who have welcomed Gifted Hands for many years. The Senior Housing program in Times Square has been facilitating a Gifted Hands program almost since our beginning.  

A core part of our mission is to offer hope to those who need it most. We celebrate the lives of the new individuals who God allows to cross our path. But we are thrilled to count those whose journey with this ministry is now in the decades.  

How wonderful it is to watch their growth from despair to joy, from hopelessness to excitement for the future. Gifted Hands has now been offering this ministry for over 25 years. But our message has been in place for two millennia.  

Yes, some things change but others stay the same.  

Our hope, our message, and the love we share holds for eternity. We forever cherish your part in all we do. Your support in volunteering, your donations, and your prayers have laid a foundation that has endured all these years. 

We celebrate your continued participation as part of our future.  

For His Unchanging Love, 


Dustee Hullinger

​P.S. Your ongoing support is so often God's means of anointing and expanding this ministry. For over 25 years He has supplied our needs and answered our prayers. I appreciate your participation in so much that we do. 

I would love to have you join us in one of our programs as you have the opportunity. You will be blessed as I am in your giving and prayerful support. 

You can make your donation HERE or mail a check to the address below. You can join us anytime! We value your part in this ministry.