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Hope We Deliver
Recently, while running a bit late, I was rushing to deliver supplies for a new class for a group of young mothers at a midtown shelter. 

I expressed to the volunteer who was accompanying me that "I hope we deliver on time."

She quickly responded, "Well, I guess that's what we're delivering."

I questioned her, “Delivering what?”

Her simple answer, "Hope!"

Perhaps that’s what it’s all about. Bringing a sense of hope as an alternative to despair. Finding new life in the remnants of discouragement, loneliness, and a desolate future.

Gifted Hands brings hope to where it’s most needed.

Here are just a few examples and places where the future looks brighter because of a host of volunteers and supporters who choose to make a difference where hope is in short supply:

                    “Carolyn” lives alone in a senior citizen residence where isolation and the                     turmoil of ageing takes a daily toll. Gifted Hands has been offering programs,                     personal items, and recreation along with lots of love for nearly 20 years.                     Carolyn looks forward to these weekly encounters to brighten her day and open                     her heart to friends who hold her dear. 

                    “Alex” is from a loving home, but one broken by poverty and physical trauma.                     There is no budget for toys, outside recreation, even crayons and paper. His                     after school gatherings with volunteers from Gifted Hands makes an enormous                       difference in his self-esteem as he is able to draw, paint, and create his personal                     imprint in the midst of the sadness and despondency that permeates his home. 

                    “Sabrina” escaped an abusive relationship to find respite in a midtown shelter                     where Gifted Hands has been ministering for over 15 years. The weekly classes,                     the attentive child-are, and most of all, the love and personal mentoring from                     Gifted Hands volunteers has helped her achieve new goals and find a new                     beginning in a journey filled with promise and dreams for the future. 

For many, HIV/AIDS is not a “forgotten” disease. It may no longer be in the headlines, but it still brings desolation and anguish for those who are trapped in nursing homes where gloom is an abiding presence. Gifted Hands brings delight and pleasure with the smiles of so many volunteers who offer unconditional love to those who find life ebbing and hope all but lost. 

Maybe our mission statements, our daily “to-do” lists, even our long-range planning can be summarized in one word . . . . “hope”.

Yes, our hope is to offer it to those who are marginalized and seemingly forgotten in communities that are constantly passing them by. Gifted Hands lends an outstretched hand to those who are so often overlooked, even ignored. 

Thank you for being such an integral part of delivering hope to those who are unseen yet most needy. Your support, your prayers and your presence in so much that we do helps us make the difference between despair and hope. 

                                                                                            Dustee Hullinger

Hope We Deliver