Seniors at the Woodstock Residence Program know
that age or season does not limit artistic expression. 
Each meeting offers the opportunity for seniors to bask in artistic glow.
Director Bill Sattan says that with every project seniors climb the ladder of
self-esteem one more step.

Woodstock Senior Center Crafts Program
This program reaches out to seniors and covers 20 different crafts a year including crochet and knitting.

Bill Sattan, Director of the Senior Crafts & Activities at the Woodstock Center, has been volunteering for Gifted Hands for ten years. He is a professional interior, lighting, display, stage, party and event designer.  Some of Bill's clients include Price Waterhouse / Coopers, Macy's, Madonna, Sean Penn, Katherine Hepburn, William Safire and Diana Ross. Bill served on the committee to "Save Grand Central Station" with Jackie Kennedy Onassis and David Rockefeller. He has a design book and movie cataloged in the US Library of Congress.

Bowery Recreation Fine Art Program
Engaging seniors in drawing and painting.
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