Outreach to Women & Children
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These programs reach out to women, children, and runaway youth. 
Committed volunteers nurture community, assist clients develop new skills,
and build new friendships.
Programs provide therapeutic recreation through art & craft projects, jewelry design, 
devotional reading, exercise and dance.
"We can cope with whatever comes tomorrow
because we made something beautiful today."  
Shelter Art & Craft Programs
Support shelter residents in special events, arts & crafts, and life-skill lessons for homeless teen mothers and children.
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Gifted Hands New York City
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Featured Program:
P.E.T. Program
Through the Gifted Hands' P.E.T. (Potential, Empowerment and Train) program, Zequenta learned skills to start her own jewelry business and has regained confidence in herself. 

For the first time since leaving an abusive relationship Zequenta is now back on her feet with an apartment in the Bronx for her daughter and her-self. And it all started with a small plastic bag of a few beads and a piece of cord... 

Zequenta decided to give back to her community by becoming a jewelry design instructor to youth at risk at the Stratford House.  The program has been so successful that some of the parents have been coming to class too!

Congratulations Zequenta and keep up the good work!
Gifted Hands  430 East 66th Street, #B, New York, NY 10065   info@giftedhandsnyc.org