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This gallery program helps to further the Gifted Hands mission of promoting the ongoing understanding of art as a fundamental form of human expression while nurturing and exploring the artist within each participant.  Participants will develop basic concepts of design and elements of art; are enhanced intellectually by the history and style of the visual arts; celebrate and respect works of art from global cultures; learn to be supportive and respectful of the visual art works of others; create pieces of art work that portray emotions and personality; learn the skills to apply the arts to all areas of their personal and professional lives and develop a growing appreciation of the artist, works of art and development of the arts in the community.

Schermerhorm House Jewelry Program
Engage low-income residents in special events and jewelry design.

Park Slope Art & Craft Program
Engage low-income residents in arts and crafts classes. 

Art in Mission / Helping Hands
Volunteer prep time for jewelry design, crafts, and art classes.

Orange County Gifted Hands Program
This "beyond New York City" program targets the underserved in Orange County, 
New York providing an outlet for them to nurture their creativity through arts and 
crafts projects. All those interested in awakening the artist within are welcome!

For more information about Orange Country program please Carol Bennett at (845) 477-3613
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